NORMA HUIDOBRO was born in Buenos Aires in 1949. Best-selling writer for children and teenagers, she was awarded the 2007 Premio Clarín de Novela for El lugar perdido, her first novel for adults, by a jury formed by Nobel Prize José Saramago and writers Alberto Manguel and Rosa Montero. She is one of Argentina’s most famous writers for mystery novels for children and teenagers, for different age groups ranging from 7 to 16 years old, which have won her a number of prestigious awards.


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El Lugar perdido

1977. Detective Ferroni is sent to a small town near Jujuy, in Northwestern Argentina, to track down Matilde Trigo, a girl who, like many others, had left to try and make a living in Buenos Aires.  The cop’s only lead is a letter addressed to Matilde by her best friend Marita, who stayed back in Jujuy. So Ferroni goes after Marita, but will find himself engaged in a silent, tense fight with the girl, until the final outburst of violence. Marita is determined to hold on to the letters she received from Matilde; she knows she must hide them to protect her friend, defend her dignity, and preserve her intimacy. The different voices weave a delicate novel that reveals the personal drama of each one of the characters, against the backdrop – very subtly suggested – of the political repression of the 70’s.

“A novel as clean and sharp as a glass spear, both chilling and mesmerizing as it stabs you in the heart” Rosa  Montero.

Rights sold: France (Liana Levi), Italy (Nottetempo), Germany (Hoffmann & Campe)