(Ed. First, France, Oct. 2012)

Nüremberg, 1946. After a lengthy trial, eleven nazi leaders are sentenced to death. Just as he is about to be executed, one of them, Julius Streicher, cries out: “Now I am going towards God. The Jews will rejoice. This is Purim 1946”. What was the significance of Streicher’s mysterious words? Scholars familiar with the scriptures know that the origin of Purim can be found in the Book of Esther, but how does that relate to the hanging of the nazi criminals?

Bernard Benyamin’s book is about a story that goes back five milleniums, back to the mists of time A story related to the true meaning of the Scriptures and our ability to understand them. A quest that will take us to Germany after the World War II, on the shores of the Dead Sea, in the secrecy of Swiss banks, and to California. It is an amazing true story, full of mysteries, puzzles and cabalistic symbols, an unlikely mix of the Da Vinci Code, Raiders of the Lost Ark, the Holocaust and the Bible.
It is also a very thorough investigation in which the authors try to sort out fact from fiction, question¬ning interpretations generally accepted by various religious communities and avoiding any misleading evidence. It is based on the most reliable scientific research, and on facts and information corroborated by internationally-renowned experts whose work is opening new perspectives on understanding the genocides’ true motiv¬ations.
Both the book and the TV feature can be defined as a rational investigation on an irrational, often passionate subject, a questioning on Chance and the Divine.

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