Alfaguara, 334 pp

This novel is the biography of a ficticious Argentinian tennis player, Patricia Lukastic, who was abandonned by her mother and raised her overbearing father, who became her trainer when she started showing an unusual gift for tennis. She allegedly reached fame briefly in the 1990’s, winning tournaments against many of the champions of that time – Davenport, the Williams sisters, Monica Seles, among others – until the pressure became too hard to sustain. She started to  losing games and eventually disappeared into thin air. Years later, she gets in touch with an Uruguayan journalist, and asks him to write her story. Wonderfully written and crafted, Qué se sabe de Patricia Lukastic  gives an insight of the world of professional tennis players, It was awarded the prestigious Premio Clarín de la novela in 2015 by a jury comprised by Leonardo Padura, Silvia Iparraguirre and Sergio Ramírez.