Premio Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz 2014

Inés Fernández Moreno has been awarded the prestigious  Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz Prize for her novel El Cielo no existe, “an excellent and very relevant book, in which an ordinary character experiences most unusual situations”, said the jury. French rights recently sold to Editions JC Lattès.


Sangre Kosher

Sangre Kosher, the first of the authors three novels featuring detective Ruth Epelbaum is now published in German by Diaphanes Verlag.


Negro Absoluto, Aquilina, 2009. 275 p.

Un día cualquiera

Alfaguara, 2013. 172 p.

Lengua Estofada

Negro Absoluto, Aquilina, 2013. 285 p.

Bolsillo de cerdo

Negro absoluto, Aquilina, 2011. 276 p.

Rencores de provincia

Adriana Hidalgo Ed., 2008. 320 p.
On his way to Danel, Leopoldo, an unemployed book salesman whose wife has left him for another man, meets an evangelist preacher and takes up a job as a Bible vendor. But the preacher turns out to be a swindler, conning locals into investing in an artificial beach on the outskirts of town, and he will draw Leopold into this huge embezzlement scheme.
Bernatek could turn out to be new Osvaldo Soriano, although with a less burlesque, more ironic voice, both terse and humorous.
Rights sold: French (L’Olivier)

La Descomposición

La Descomposición (Eterna Cadencia, 2014. 141 p) was first published in 2007. Followed by Glaxo and Lumbre, it initiates the trilogy in which the author brilliantly explores the life of a small town in the Pampas.


El Papa negro

El Papa negro, Sebastian Dozo Moreno. Ed. Galáctica, August 2014. 438 p.

He was chosen to end corruption in the Vatican Bank, to end the privileges of the princes of the Catholic Church, the perversion of the wayward priests…and end with the very same Vatican State created by Benito Mussolini. His mission is to return Christianity to its pure franciscan sources. For centuries, prophecies had been announcing him. His time has now come. He is the leader of an acient Masonic lodge to which it belonged Dante Alighieri…  However, in Buenos Aires, Rome, Naples and Sicily, ennemies will try to stop him at any cost. Meanwhile, the most important people of the argentinian political class are being misterious and brutally murdered…

This fascinating thriller on the arcana of the Vatican is erudite “roman à clefs” – in which some characters appear under their real names and others are easily recognizable.

La Familia

La Familia, Alfaguara Oct. 2014. 576 p.

2004. Sergio Funes Correa studied Philosophy but chose to work as an employee in a bank. His 17-year old daughter recently died, awaiting a lung transplant. His other daughter had died shortly after birth in the early 90’s. He and his wife’s offstring seem to be doomed to die prematurely. To defeat that genetic fatality, should he get another woman pregnant and father her child? Or else launch a movement advocating the end of the family as a social institution? Looking back at his own family history since the turn of the XXth century, all he sees is suffering, insanity, embitterment and failure. Long after Sergio’s death, in 2106, a cult in New York will claim his ideas and turn him into their guru.

An ambitious, disturbing and tought-provoking family saga.