Alfaguara, 2013. 336 p.

This anthology contains other of Eduardo Sacheri’s most famous short stories and four new ones.
“I like to write stories about normal and ordinary people. People like myself. People like those who have always been part of my life. I don’t even know why those are the stories that I feel compelled to tell. Maybe I am seduced and moved by the extraordinary and sublime that ordinary and anonymous existences. In those lives, football often plays a important part. Because we have played it since we were kids. Because of our love for a club and its shirt. Because it is one of those basic experiences on which our childhood is based on and, therefore, what we are and what we will be. I think that all stories we tell tend to be, in a way or another, the main topics that rule our lives as human beings. Love, pain, death, friendship, anxiety, betrayal, success, expectation. And, nevertheless, such topics are not easy to tackle. Football, as part of our lives, gives us a point of entry to those intimate worlds where more important issues are at stake. A stage or a backdrop for the essential things that mark and define all lives.”

Eduardo Sacheri.