La Familia, Alfaguara Oct. 2014. 576 p.

2004. Sergio Funes Correa studied Philosophy but chose to work as an employee in a bank. His 17-year old daughter recently died, awaiting a lung transplant. His other daughter had died shortly after birth in the early 90’s. He and his wife’s offstring seem to be doomed to die prematurely. To defeat that genetic fatality, should he get another woman pregnant and father her child? Or else launch a movement advocating the end of the family as a social institution? Looking back at his own family history since the turn of the XXth century, all he sees is suffering, insanity, embitterment and failure. Long after Sergio’s death, in 2106, a cult in New York will claim his ideas and turn him into their guru.

An ambitious, disturbing and tought-provoking family saga.