La Descomposición

La Descomposición (Eterna Cadencia, 2014. 141 p) was first published in 2007. Followed by Glaxo and Lumbre, it initiates the trilogy in which the author brilliantly explores the life of a small town in the Pampas.


El Papa negro

El Papa negro, Sebastian Dozo Moreno. Ed. Galáctica, August 2014. 438 p.

He was chosen to end corruption in the Vatican Bank, to end the privileges of the princes of the Catholic Church, the perversion of the wayward priests…and end with the very same Vatican State created by Benito Mussolini. His mission is to return Christianity to its pure franciscan sources. For centuries, prophecies had been announcing him. His time has now come. He is the leader of an acient Masonic lodge to which it belonged Dante Alighieri…  However, in Buenos Aires, Rome, Naples and Sicily, ennemies will try to stop him at any cost. Meanwhile, the most important people of the argentinian political class are being misterious and brutally murdered…

This fascinating thriller on the arcana of the Vatican is erudite “roman à clefs” – in which some characters appear under their real names and others are easily recognizable.

La Familia

La Familia, Alfaguara Oct. 2014. 576 p.

2004. Sergio Funes Correa studied Philosophy but chose to work as an employee in a bank. His 17-year old daughter recently died, awaiting a lung transplant. His other daughter had died shortly after birth in the early 90’s. He and his wife’s offstring seem to be doomed to die prematurely. To defeat that genetic fatality, should he get another woman pregnant and father her child? Or else launch a movement advocating the end of the family as a social institution? Looking back at his own family history since the turn of the XXth century, all he sees is suffering, insanity, embitterment and failure. Long after Sergio’s death, in 2106, a cult in New York will claim his ideas and turn him into their guru.

An ambitious, disturbing and tought-provoking family saga.


La Extincción de la diáspora judía

Los Restos mortales (What Death Left Behind)

The plot is very loosely based on the authors’s own dysfunctional family history: when Salas was 17, after his father died, his mother was murdered by a hitman hired by his father’s first wife and a stepbrother he knew nothing about. The hitman was supposed to kill him too, but luckily the boy happened to be out at the time. In the novel, the boy seeks revenge by seducing the hitman. Dark and very gripping. (Grupo Editorial Norma, 2011).

Historia de Roque Rey

Historia de Roque Rey, Ricardo Romero. Eterna Cadencia, 512 p.

Roque Rey was brought up by his aunt and uncle. He was eleven when his uncle Pedro died, and that day his aunt asked him to try on the shoes with which she intended to bury her husband. Roque Rey put them on, and walked away, never to return. And so begins a long peregrination in borrowed shoes, spanning forty years of the life of Argentina, which leads Roque to cross the path of many unforgettable characters: a parricidal priest; a troup of musicians and dancers with whom he will spend several years traveling all over the country; the hundreds of dead people in the Morgue where he is employed during the dictatorship, whose shoes seem to be driven by a mind of their own; a highly gifted child who tries to seduce him…

An amazing epic novel, beautifully written, in the best trradition of Latin American literature, by one of the most talented young Argentinian writers.

RIGHTS SOLD: Eterna cadencia (World Spanish), Le Seuil (French), Fazi (Italy)


Ser feliz era eso

Alfaguara, 2014. 248 p.
Sofía, a 14 year-old girl whose mother has just died, turns up on Lucas’ doorstep, and tells him she is his daughter. Of course he hadn’t the slightest idea he had a fathered a child. This sudden irruption of a teenager into Lucas’ and his wife’s lives is not something they take too well, especially since the couple had decided never to have children…
A gripping, moving novel by a writer who, according to director Juan José Campanella, “succeeds like few others in giving his stories a universal dimension — the stories of ordinary people where commonplace becomes epic”.
Rights sold: France (Éditions Héloïse d’Ormesson)

América nazi

Relatos reunidos

Alfaguara, 2012. 512 p.

A selection of novellas and short stories by one of Argentina’s most remarkable contemporary writers.

Rights sold: Italy (Jaca Books)


(Grupo Editorial Norma, Aug. 2011, 240 p.). Bernatek returns to one of his favorite themes: his main protagonist is a man who starts from scratch under a new identity – that of a man killed in an accident –, moving away to a decadent town on the coast, totally freed from all previous ties and reinventing a new life for himself. As he wanders around desolate beaches, he recalls his adolescence, and death of a Jewish girl he knew, whose brutal murder seems to have been related to Rudolf Eichmann.
Rights sold: France (L’Olivier)