Evangelina Himitian

Francisco, El Papa de la gente

Film rights to FRANCISCO, EL PAPA DE LA GENTE, Evangelina Himitian’s biography of Pope Francis, optioned by Italian production company TAO DUE/EAT MOVIE.

Francisco, el Papa de la gente

(Aguilar, April 2013, 336 pages + a 16-page photo insert)
Do all roads lead to Rome? However reluntant Jorge Mario Bergoglio may have been, his stroy seems to confirm the saying. When he traveled to Rome after Pope Benedict the XVIth had resigned, he was convinced he would be able to return shortly to his beloved Buenos Aires and resume his normal activities…
Evangelina Himitian’s book is the ultimate, most thorough and up-to-date biography of Pope Francis. Written by a very well-know journalist – the daughter of a very close friend of Jorge Bergoglio – it features over 30 interviews of people closely related to the Pope, his sister among others, and covers all aspects of his life, from his early childhood to his first ceremony as Pope on Easter Thursday in Rome.
Rights sold : Italy (RCS), France (Presses de la Renaissance), Poland (WL).
Available (including cover photo) for all other languages except Spanish and Portuguese.