Carlos Bernatek

El Canario

La Noche litoral

Adriana Hidalgo Ed., 2015, 248 pp

The trials and tribulations of Ovidio, a small-time crook in a small Argentinian town. A gritty, unforgiving yet humorous novel in the best picaresque tradition of Latin-American fiction.


Rencores de provincia

Adriana Hidalgo Ed., 2008. 320 p.
On his way to Danel, Leopoldo, an unemployed book salesman whose wife has left him for another man, meets an evangelist preacher and takes up a job as a Bible vendor. But the preacher turns out to be a swindler, conning locals into investing in an artificial beach on the outskirts of town, and he will draw Leopold into this huge embezzlement scheme.
Bernatek could turn out to be new Osvaldo Soriano, although with a less burlesque, more ironic voice, both terse and humorous.
Rights sold: French (L’Olivier)


(Grupo Editorial Norma, Aug. 2011, 240 p.). Bernatek returns to one of his favorite themes: his main protagonist is a man who starts from scratch under a new identity – that of a man killed in an accident –, moving away to a decadent town on the coast, totally freed from all previous ties and reinventing a new life for himself. As he wanders around desolate beaches, he recalls his adolescence, and death of a Jewish girl he knew, whose brutal murder seems to have been related to Rudolf Eichmann.
Rights sold: France (L’Olivier)

Rutas Argentinas (Argentinean Highways)

It is set in Danel, a utopian town in the Argentinean Pampas, where all sorts of dropouts, crooks and shady characters escaping their former lives seem to end up or pass through. The arrival of an outsider who has taken on the identity of a dead man disrupts the lives of the locals: Tino, the barman, seeking an opportunity to get away; Silva, determined to make money in every possible way; Perla, who dreams of romance and Brazilian beaches; a legless prostitute; defeated boxers; a gravedigger with a fondness for taxidermy… These weird characters whose pathetic stories intertwine fantasize about a world ofwhich they know nothing, a world that lies beyond the windswept plains of Danel (Ed. Adriana Hidalgo 2007).