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Hebe Uhart

Hebe Uhart was born in 1936, in Moreno (Buenos Aires). She studied Philisophy at the University of Buenos Aires, and went into teaching. Her articles and stories have appeared in a number of media. She published two novellas, Camilo asciende (1987) and Mudanzas (1995), but is mostly known for her short stories which explore the lives of ordinary people in small towns. A South-American Alice Munro of sorts, Hebe Uhart is regarded as one of Argentina’s most remarkable contemporary writers.


  • Relatos reunidos

Relatos reunidos

Alfaguara, 2012. 512 p.

A selection of novellas and short stories by one of Argentina’s [...]

Un día cualquiera (Alfaguara, 2013.

Relatos reunidos (Alfaguara, 2010. 512 p).
A selection of the author’s most famous novellas and short stories.

Rights sold: Italy (Jaca Books)