Historia de Roque Rey, Ricardo Romero. Eterna Cadencia, 512 p.

Roque Rey was brought up by his aunt and uncle. He was eleven when his uncle Pedro died, and that day his aunt asked him to try on the shoes with which she intended to bury her husband. Roque Rey put them on, and walked away, never to return. And so begins a long peregrination in borrowed shoes, spanning forty years of the life of Argentina, which leads Roque to cross the path of many unforgettable characters: a parricidal priest; a troup of musicians and dancers with whom he will spend several years traveling all over the country; the hundreds of dead people in the Morgue where he is employed during the dictatorship, whose shoes seem to be driven by a mind of their own; a highly gifted child who tries to seduce him…

An amazing epic novel, beautifully written, in the best trradition of Latin American literature, by one of the most talented young Argentinian writers.

RIGHTS SOLD: Eterna cadencia (World Spanish), Le Seuil (French), Fazi (Italy)